About Us

We, here at Goldenstrokesart, are making an attempt to reach out to you – you, the special people, who are connoisseurs of art and who would appreciate, cherish and nourish these unique and special creations.

An artist is a person who dreams with her eyes open and transforms her dream into reality in the form of her art.

Every painting has a story to tell. The vivid colours and the brilliant strokes tug at the viewer’s heartstrings.

The pure Kosa silk sarees which are exclusive to the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra and the pure handloom cotton sarees are hand painted with intricate designs. Each piece is exclusive and depicts the artist’s passion for her work.

Every single piece here is handmade which makes it real, unique and quirky. What may seem as an imperfection or a flaw only makes it more special. The focus here is more on authenticity.

A Word from our founders,

One of the most important reasons to purchase a handmade item is that you are helping the local economy grow. Your precious purchase supports the local artisans, encourages them and helps sustain their art and creativity.

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