Madhubani paintings

Do you know an interesting legend behind the origin of this art form? Let me tell you.

It is said that Janaka, Sita’s father, commissioned the women of his kingdom Mithila, to depict the entire wedding of Sita with Lord Rama through paintings. Somewhat similar to modern-day wedding pictures. Fascinating, right?

Well, we really can’t determine the veracity of this but what struck me is that these paintings are predominantly made by the women of the Mithila region. This signifies a great deal in a male-dominated society. Talking about women empowerment, Janaka definitely, made sure that the women in his kingdom had plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent!

So here we are, the inheritors of this wonderful legacy of Madhubani art which has been passed down through the generations of women.

We inherit from our ancestors’ gifts so often taken for granted… Each of us contains within… This inheritance of soul. We are the links between the past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promises. “

-Edward C. Sellner

What is noteworthy about these traditional art forms is that they revolve around a central theme.

Madhubani paintings continue to primarily depict nature and the Hindu mythological figures and the themes are generally associated with Hindu deities, fish, birds, animals, natural objects like the sun, moon, and religious plants like Tulsi or Banyan tree. Besides these central objects of the artwork, scenes from the royal court and social events like weddings are also widely painted.

Our artisans here at Goldenstrokearts are in some way the torchbearers of this beautiful Madhubani Art. Isn’t it a wonder that this art which is as old as time has survived the onslaughts of eons and has come to us? As a society, it is our responsibility to preserve this beautiful art form.

Let’s all together encourage these artisans. In the process, we stand to gain as well. We will be bringing home a legacy, a legend, and a piece of our rich heritage to our homes.

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