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Divine Playfulness


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A Grey Stole with Krishna-inspired Artwork of Pot of Butter, Flute, and Peacock Feather

This exquisite grey stole captures the essence of Krishna’s playful nature, with intricate artwork depicting a pot of butter, flute, and peacock feather. Each element symbolizes a different aspect of this beloved Hindu deity’s character, making it a meaningful and beautiful accessory for any spiritual or cultural occasion.
The central feature of the stole is the pot of butter, which represents Krishna’s love of food and mischief.
The second symbol on the stole is the flute, which represents Krishna’s love of music and his ability to inspire others.
Finally, the peacock feather symbolizes Krishna’s love of nature and his connection to the natural world.

Together, these three elements create a stunning stole that is both beautiful and meaningful. The grey color provides a perfect backdrop for the intricate artwork, allowing each symbol to shine in its own unique way. Whether worn as a spiritual accessory or as a stylish addition to any outfit, this stole is sure to capture the imagination and inspire the heart.

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